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W.H. Smith Wines

Wine Sensory Experience

CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE ~ We feel to be truly responsible during this crisis, our tasting room should be closed. Please stay safe and self isolate as much as possible so we can all get through this. 

We are still taking orders online and checking emails as usual. Looking forward to welcoming you back when this is over.

The most unique Napa Valley Education opportunity is waiting for you at the WINE SENSORY EXPERIENCE in Calistoga. Hosted by Owner and 2nd Generation Proprietor, T'Anne Butcher.

The Wine Sensory Experience is designed to help all level of tasters develop the ability to identify aromas and flavor profiles of wines. Learn how chocolate, clove, smoke and caramel "get into" the wine. Unlock the secrets of terrior and be ready to be amazed and go beyond wine tasting to the vineyard and cellar practices.

The Wine Sensory Experience is fun and unique. Located in historic downtown Calistoga the Wine Sensory Experience will teach you all you ever wanted to know about wine. Don't miss the most interesting, fun and challenging way to explore and fall in love with wine all over again.

For RESERVATIONS and to check availablity, please email or call 707-942-1194