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W.H. Smith Wines

Our Tasting Room

Updated January 20, 2021: Napa County does not allow tastings either outside or inside, but we are open for retail business and wine purchases with some GREAT sales both in the tasting room and online. Please check back for updates regularly.

For questions, please call (707) 942-1194 or email

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WINE SENSORY EXPERIENCE: COVID NO Appointments at this time.

We also offer a unique education opportunity by appointment only. Due to Covid19 restrictions, we will limit to one group a day for reservations so you get a PRIVATE experience.

The most unique Napa Valley Education opportunity is the WINE SENSORY EXPERIENCEThe Wine Sensory Experience is designed to help all level of tasters develop the ability to identify aromas and flavor profiles of wines. Learn how chocolate, clove, smoke and caramel "get into" the wine. Unlock the secrets of terroir and be ready to be amazed at all there is to know about wine making, vineyard management and also the simple things--how many grapes does it take to make a bottle of wine? 

Approximately 2 hours. Includes Reserve Tasting. $125 per person
Call or email to make a reservation: (707) 942-1194